EQ Nurses Education – Spine Fundamentals

December 7, 2019

Canberra ACT

In this first instalment of our spine series we present the basics of spinal anatomy and pathology. This is a particularly engaging Fundamentals Course where activities such as martial arts and Latin dance are introduced to illustrate how the muscles associated with the spine work to produce movement. Nurse attendees then participate in a workshop designed to enhance their proficiency with our innovative spinal systems.

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‘The EQ Representatives understand how important workflow efficiency is to us in theatre. They are present from case start to case finish and ensure that the surgeon and scrub nurse have a smooth experience using their equipment.’

Scrub Nurse, Calvary John James Hospital

As a nurse with 10 years experience in the operating room, it is refreshing to work with such dedicated and knowledgeable MedTech consultants. EQ surgical provide exceptional support to both the surgeon and nursing staff to ensure the best outcomes for the patient.’

Scrub Nurse, National Capital Private

'I choose to work with EQ surgical not only for their cutting edge technology, but for the custom instrument solutions they provide to meet my unique requirements.'

Neurosurgeon, National Capital Private Hospital